Rose Care

☀️ Sunlight ☀️

Indirect Sunlight

🌡️ Water Temperature 🌡️

Cool Temperature

💧 When to Change Water 💧

Every 2 - 3 Days

Three deep red roses in a tight bundle

Taking Care of Your Rose

The moment your roses enter your home, before you remove their wrapping (if that's how they arrived) fill the biggest bowl you can find with fresh cool water. Trim your stems half an inch at a 45-degree angle to allow for maximum hydration. Then, place your roses into the bowl of water and let them have a drink for up to two hours. Unwrap your roses and notice if there are any outer protective petals, known as guard petals, that need to be plucked. These may look a little wilted, shriveled, discolored, or lighter in color. Their purpose is to protect the rose and its delicate petals that are found underneath, so don't be afraid to pluck off these imperfect petals.

While you're at it, be sure to remove leaves and other foliage that might be submerged into water once your roses are arranged neatly in your vase. Oftentimes, roses are included in arrangements that include mixed floral and filler stems with an abundance of leaves. Be sure that there is no foliage falling below the waterline. This prevents excess bacteria from forming inside the vase that could be harmful to your flowers.

Fill your vase generously, about ¾ full, of cool water. Change the water in your vase with fresh water as often as you can remember. To ensure your roses are getting the proper hydration, give their stems a routine trim every few days as well, removing any blooms that seem to have wilted or died sooner than the others. Roses will thrive in a cool to warm, never hot, room in your home away from direct sunlight.

Pro Tip:

You may be able to revitalize and revive roses that are beginning to wilt by giving their stems a fresh cut, one inch from the bottom, at an angle, and placing the entire rose in a sink or tub filled with water for approximately 20 - 60 minutes. After they have absorbed some fresh water, return them to their place in your elegant arrangement and watch them bloom.