Prom & Dance Flowers

Wearable flowers for prom, homecoming, and other events.

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Beautiful corsages and boutonnieres are hand-created for your special event by our floral designers at Norton's Florist, in Birmingham, Alabama. Order online or call us directly to order personalized wearable flowers coordinated with your dress or tux!

Wearing flowers at proms and dances is a cherished tradition that adds a touch of elegance and personal expression to the evening's attire. Whether it's a classic corsage for her wrist or a dapper boutonniere for his lapel, flowers are a timeless accessory that celebrates the beauty and romance of these special events.

Opting for flowers from Norton's Florist in Birmingham, Alabama, for a prom or dance is an excellent choice because of their reputation for quality and creativity. Norton's Florist understands the importance of matching the flowers to the style and color of the attire, ensuring a harmonious and stunning complement to the evening's ensemble. With a selection of the freshest blooms and an eye for current trends, their floral designers can craft something unique and fashionable that will stand out. Norton's Florist offers personalized service, taking the time to understand each customer's style to create floral wearables that reflect their personality and the occasion's significance. Choosing Norton's for prom or dance flowers means you're not just prepared for the event; you're making a statement with a stylish, memorable floral accent that enhances the magic of the evening.

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