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Posted by nortonsflorist on April 10, 2024 Father's Day Gift Baskets

Far From Ordinary: Epic Father’s Day Gifts That “WOW”

The countdown to Father’s Day is on, and it’s time to treat the men who’ve mastered the art of dad jokes, midnight snack raids, and epic bedtime stories. Forget settling for the ordinary—because the extraordinary dads in your life deserve gifts that are as awesome as their superhero stances. Searching for that “wow” factor that says, “Thanks for being my hero,” without actually handing over a cape and mask? We got you! At Norton’s Florist, the best flower shop in Birmingham, we’re sharing the coolest, freshest, and most unique gifts guaranteed to speak your dad’s language, no matter what his hobbies are. Get ready to claim your spot in the Hall of Fame of Fantastic Children –it’s showtime!

Plants For the Plant Dad (Of Course!)

If your dad’s home is less about the furniture and more about flora, where every plant is part of the family, then yep, that’s the hallmark of a Plant Dad. This Father’s Day, add a bit more life to his green haven with some standout foliage, because he’s always ready to welcome another plant into the fold. Perhaps the modern vibe of a rubber plant or the lush beauty of a peace lily would be a super addition to his collection. It’s the perfect way to say “Happy Father’s Day” to your favorite green thumb.

Something Sweet For the Fishing Dad

Your dad will take any opportunity to grab his tackle box and fishing pole and head dawn to his favorite peaceful lake — it’s where he thrives. But, come on, another lure or fishing line? As if his collection isn’t already spilling over. Surprise him with something as special as those fish tales, like a gift basket filled to the brim with beloved classic snacks to fuel the patience. And for when be brings his victories of the day back home, aromatic candles are just the thing to freshen up that post-catch life…IYKYK.

Gourmet Gifts for The Grill Dad

When your dad’s at the grill, it’s not just a BBQ; it’s an event, a masterclass in the art of grilling. This Father’s Day, let’s make sure he’s got everything he needs to host the ultimate backyard bash. Gift him a basket that’s a cornucopia of culinary delights topped off with an assortment of wine and beer that pairs perfectly with grilled goodness. These gourmet goodies are the secret ingredients to his next BBQ extravaganza, ensuring he remains the unrivaled king of the grill all summer long.

Epic Stems For the Video Game Dad

Move over, latest release–this Father’s Day is about commemorating those irreplaceable gaming moments with dad. It’s time to team up with your favorite local florist (wink, wink) to design a bespoke floral masterpiece that symbolizes the countless hours spent side-by-side, controllers in hand. Each stem and petal is a nod to the worlds you’ve explored and the teamwork that’s become second nature. A colorful, and most definitely unique bouquet is the ideal tribute to the joy, the challenges, and the unspoken understanding that comes from being each other’s most trusted teammate.

Quality Time For the Honorary Dad

So, he’s not your dad by the usual standards, but he’s your dad by choice and by heart — and that’s even better! He’s been your go-to, your ride-or-die in the dad department, and your confidant. This Father’s Day, coordinate something epic in his honor, like a DIY flower arranging class. It’s the perfect way to spend some quality time, surrounded by the beauty of fresh blooms. While you learn a new skill together, reminisce on old memories and let him know he’s been your unsung hero in all the ways that count.

Raise a glass to your super-dad this Father’s Day with something extraordinary from Norton’s Florist! It’s sure to rival his uniqueness and those epic dad jokes only he can tell.

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