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Do-It-Yourself Holiday Crafts

One of the best parts of the approaching holiday season is decorating your home with precious family ornaments, gorgeous holiday designs and stunning lights and greenery. Spend time with family members creating lasting paper poinsettias to hang or arrange throughout your home. The time together will be a time to remember and everyone will be proud to display their final products alongside gorgeous holiday decor. The floral professionals at Norton’s Florist have created a stunning collection of holiday plants and floral arrangements that will pair beautifully with your homemade creations. Read More about Do-It-Yourself Holiday Crafts »
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Traditional Holiday Gifts

Not only are the holidays a great time to show off your decorating artistry, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to send ornaments, candles, holiday plants and other decorating goodies to your friends and loved ones as a way to show them how much you care. Beautiful hanging door wreaths, cheerful poinsettias and adorable tabletop mini-trees all make excellent gifts and let your loved ones know you’re thinking of them. The design experts at Norton’s Florist have assembled a holiday best-seller collection of our favorite gifts and ornaments for your choosing. Read More about Traditional Holiday Gifts »
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Cheerful Seasonal Wreaths

Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s time to begin thinking about how to decorate your home for the holidays. Don’t forget to include your home office as you focus on seasonal decor. Bringing fresh live greenery into your home office for the holidays is a smart idea because it will increase productivity. Including an elegant holiday wreath, lush plant design or lovely floral bouquet might be just the thing you’re home office needs to get in the holiday spirit this season. Take a look at the beautiful wreath designs created by floral artisans at Norton’s Florist. Read More about Cheerful Seasonal Wreaths »
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Big Thanks To Our Talented Staff

At Thanksgiving, we turn our attention to who and what we are thankful for. At Norton's Florist we are especially thankful for our team of professionals that help us bring you the most beautiful, high-quality blooms anywhere. From industrious farmers and growers to our hard-working sales staff, our creative design team and our professional delivery drivers, every member of our team plays a key role in providing quality service to our customers. Read More about Big Thanks To Our Talented Staff »
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A Fun Approach To Thanksgiving

If you’re looking to try something new for Thanksgiving this year, think about trying to create a historically-accurate Thanksgiving with traditional food, clothing and decor from the original Thanksgiving. Take some time to do a little research or invite children to participate in discovering what foods, drinks and other items were served at the first Thanksgiving. Dress up as pilgrims or Native Americans and dress your table as it would have been decorated in Plymouth. The floral experts at Norton’s Florist have a beautiful collection of fall centerpieces that will go perfectly with your historic Thanksgiving this year. Read More about A Fun Approach To Thanksgiving »
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Harvest Flowers At The Heart Of Your Table

Now that fall has arrived, we begin to think about decorating for holiday and seasonal gatherings. If you want a stylish, creative tablescape to enjoy all season, take a look at some of these great tips and advice from the creative experts at Norton’s Florist. Use a few key fall colors like shades of chocolate and pumpkin, a burlap table runner and clear candlesticks topped with mini pumpkins instead of candles. The simplicity of this design will give off a calm, peaceful ambiance for you and your guests. Design a tablescape with a collection of ceramic and real pumpkins in all white, blue or yellow to create an elegant seasonal table. Use candles to define space across your table and leave a visually stunning impression. Tall tapers, short round tri-wicks, tealights and mid-sized candles, all in the same shade of autumn neutrals, will create a lovely effect. Read More about Harvest Flowers At The Heart Of Your Table »
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Bring Fall’s Rich Textures Into Your Home

Now that fall has arrived, we look forward to celebrating the new season with beautiful decor in an array of fall colors and harvest textures. The design experts at Norton’s Florist have some exciting ideas to share with you as decorate this fall: Try including plenty of rich, varied texture everywhere you look. Everything from pine cones to artichokes can be used as to add rich depth and dimension to your decor. Bring color alive when bright bold statement pieces are paired harmoniously with the subtle neutrals of autumn. Give your home a warm aroma with spicy scents like cinnamon, ginger and cloves. Baked apples and a wood-burning stove evoke the positive energy of fall and welcome loved ones into your home. Read More about Bring Fall’s Rich Textures Into Your Home »
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The Most Beautiful Fall Flowers

While decorating for Halloween, it’s important to consider your setting and the overall mood for the holiday. For example, your office may not be the best place to hang skeletons and spider webs, and you may want to include more sophisticated designs at your fancy costume party. As you consider the best options for your Halloween decor this fall, think about choosing beautiful fall foliage to enhance your look. The floral designers at Norton’s Florist have put together fall’s best offerings for you to peruse. Read More about The Most Beautiful Fall Flowers »
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A Plant Gift That Will Show Your Boss You Care

Each October, we take a day to recognize all of the hard-working bosses out there who do everything they can to make our work lives easier. Bosses Day began in 1958 when Patricia Bays Haroski realized her boss- who was also her father- was performing countless tasks daily that simply went unnoticed. She chose his birthday, October 16th, as National Bosses Day and it was made official in 1962. Thanks to her efforts, we now honor those bosses who truly care for the employees in their care. Norton’s Florist is ready for this special occasion with flowers, plants and gifts that will show your boss how grateful you are for everything they do each day. Read More about A Plant Gift That Will Show Your Boss You Care »
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The Perfect Flowers For Hispanic Heritage Month

This month, from September 15 to October 15, we celebrate all that Hispanic Americans have contributed to our nation and culture with Hispanic Heritage Month. Focusing on dynamic stories of U.S. Latinos that have shaped our national experience and identity, this month-long celebration allows us to pay tribute to the many generations of Hispanic Americans that have positively influenced and enriched our nation and society. Norton’s Florist is joining the festivities by featuring stunning bouquets that include flowers from Latin American countries originally. Read More about The Perfect Flowers For Hispanic Heritage Month »
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