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Posted by nortonsflorist on September 3, 2020 | Last Updated: September 15, 2020 Flowers

Great Gifts That Go Together with Flowers

It’s hard to top flowers as a gift… after all, they are the perfect gift. Flowers are beautiful, natural, fragrant and have a host of beneficial qualities. For example, flowers reduce stress, promote feelings of wellness, and bring about tranquility. Plus, as far as gifts go, they are affordable and very easy to order. That’s a lot of bang in a just a bunch of flowers. So, if you want to impress somebody or deliver the perfect gift, flowers are a given. Next, add another gift to go with the flowers to make a truly exceptional present.

Here at Birmingham’s Best Florist, Norton’s Florist, we’ve got you covered. First, choose a stunning bouquet of flowers arranged by an expert floral designer, and then select a unique gift from our catalog. Plus, for more ideas on great gifts to pair with a bouquet of flowers, read on below.

Vibrant favorites in this arrangement featuring hydrangea, hot pink roses, sunflowers, green spider mums, designed in a wooden keepsake cube. For an extra pop of contrast, upgrade your bouquet to add some burgundy black mini calla lilies to your arrangement, or go premium to add dracaena and lily grass hoops.

Excellent Gifts to Bundle with Flowers


Home-Made Dinner

Cooking someone’s favorite meal and surprising them with a bouquet of fresh, lovely flowers will make you the sure-fire hero of the night. 

Spa Essentials

Gifts like fancy soaps, bath bombs, and essential oils that lets someone recreate a spa experience in their own home are wonderful on their own. But paired with beautiful flowers ups the wow factor and tells the recipient you think they’re very special. 

Artisanal Chocolates

Show the special person in your life that you’ve put some thought into their gift by picking up premier hand-crafted chocolate from your local chocolatier and gorgeous, fresh flowers from your local florist. It’s a gift combo they won’t soon forget. 


Impress a loved one by including an elegant bottle of nice perfume along with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers. These two gifts go wonderfully together.  


Pairing gorgeous jewelry with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers is such a swoon-worthy gift, you better be ready to catch the recipient. 


Make pairing wine with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers anything but ordinary by selecting a wine that complements the flowers. Either by matching colors, aromas, boldness, putting a little thought in the right flower+wine combo can make this gift extraordinary.