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Posted by nortonsflorist on October 20, 2019 | Last Updated: October 7, 2020 Fall Flowers Plants

Celebrate The Fall Season With a Decked-Out Front Porch

A new season is always a cause for celebration- the change in weather, the holidays, the new flowers and foliage all evoke a sense of excitement. Fall is no exception and at Norton’s Florist, we believe that decorating your front porch for fall is a great way to celebrate the new season in all its glory.

Here we’ve put together some great ways to dress up your front porch for fall, creating a display for the whole neighborhood that you’ll enjoy all season long. Check out some of these great fall porch ideas and why we think it’s important for you to put a little time and effort into creating a fresh fall scene this season.

The Benefits of a Gorgeous Fall Front Porch

Wooden Buckets with Mums

We know how inviting the fall season can be, and we want to help you get outside and enjoy it as much as possible. Here are some other great reasons for decorating your front porch for fall:

  • Create Curb Appeal. A beautiful home starts with a beautiful front porch. Dress up the look of your home in easy, quick ways when you add beautiful hardy chrysanthemum plants and bright orange pumpkins to your front porch. Our Ceramic Pumpkin Spice Design will be the new look that will refresh you and everyone who sees it.
  • Inspire Your Neighbors. Once your neighbors see how great your home looks when it’s ready for fall, they’ll be inspired to decorate their own porches. Pretty soon you’ll have a beautiful autumn-ready block and might even make some great connections with neighbors in the process.
  • Anticipate the Holidays. With every pumpkin and corn stalk we see, we begin to realize that the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Your fall front porch will help your family, friends, and neighbors build their anticipation of the coming holidays!
  • Welcome Guests to Your Home. Everyone who visits your home will be greeted with a warm, comforting welcome when they find themselves surrounded by marigolds, hay bales, and flannel blankets before they even reach your front door.

Choose Festive Fall Containers for your Front Porch Florals

Fall Mums and Pumpkins

The fall flowers you display can only be enhanced by the fun, rustic containers you choose to place them in on your front porch. Choose natural materials that evoke feelings of harvest time for an authentic fall look. Here are a few examples:

  • Baskets: Opt for baskets over plastic, ceramic or glass containers to soften the look of your fall floral arrangements. Our Bountiful Kalanchoe Plant is designed in a fresh fall basket for a beautiful porch addition.
  • Buckets: Wooden buckets make great containers for larger blooming plants like lavender or hydrangea.
  • Wooden Crates: Stack wooden apple crates in a pleasing display, then fill the spaces with small pots of daisies, petunias, and mini-pumpkins.
  • Wagon: A little red wagon is a collector’s dream. Pile your variety of pumpkins high in the bed of your wagon or line with a lovely fall blanket for a softer look.

Add Your Own Creativity to Your Fall Look

Painted Fall Pumpkins

Add a few creative details to your porch’s decor for a fresh display of your very own personality and style. Here we offer a few great ideas for you to steal, or use as inspiration for your own display.

  • Rocking Chair: A wooden rocking chair with a fuzzy blanket draped over the back is just asking to be enjoyed all season long. It can also be used for staging a few pumpkins or a cheerful scarecrow.
  • Painted Pumpkins: Instead of carving, think about painting your pumpkins instead. Create a dazzling display when you choose similar color schemes or fill pumpkins with fresh flowers like our Kalanchoe Crazy Bouquet.
  • Color Scheme: For a modern twist on some fall favorites, decorate with alternate color combinations, like black-and-white, or all-neutrals. The unexpected look will be a refreshing change.
  • Fabrics: Use flannels, wools, and cotton for throw pillows, snuggly blankets and floor coverings to maximize your fall look.

Whatever combinations you choose to include for your fall front porch, trust that the beauty you create will bring a warm welcome to everyone who passes by. For more fun decorating ideas, talk to the floral experts at Norton’s Florist. We’re excited to help you make the most of your fall season, all season long.