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A Quick Guide to Growing Succulents Indoors

Succulents have become some of the most beloved houseplants because they’re low-maintenance, on-trend, and super affordable. They’re also fun to collect because they come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and textures. Succulents can also be propagated from a single leaf to create succulent babies that can be shared with all of your friends. They make the perfect gift for a manly man or a girly girl. If you’re planning to modernize the decor in your Birmingham home or office with succulents, take a moment to look over this quick guide to indoor succulents from the experts at Norton’s Florist.

How Succulents Differ from Other Plants

The primary difference between succulents and other plants are their thick, rubbery leaves and unusual structures. Succulents, unlike other plants, adapted to growing in harsh climates where rainfall is scarce. As a result, they’re able to store water in their leaves, stems, and roots and are extremely tolerant of drought.

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Why Succulents Make Perfect Houseplants

Succulents bring a great feeling to any room. They add positive energy and create a calm environment that promotes concentration and productivity. Plus, they don’t take up much space. Succulents are perfect for desks, coffee tables, bedside tables, and even a side table on the front porch.

Succulents don’t just look great; they’re also wonderful for your indoor environment. Succulent roots pump air into the soil. When toxins like VOCs reach their roots, they convert the harmful chemicals into nutrients, effectively combating indoor air pollution. Succulents also replenish the air by emitting fresh oxygen.

Top Succulent Varieties

Succulents carried by Norton’s Florist are Alabama-grown, in Heflin, AL by Bennett Plants. They also come designed in a lightweight concrete composite bowl. With so many different varieties of succulents available, it’s tough to pick favorites. The following are some of the most beautiful, unusual, and commonly found.

Succulents - Echeveria

Succulents – Echeveria


Echeveria are some of the most commonly used succulents. They grow in starburst shapes and come in a wide variety of textures and colors including shades of green, pink, red, and even black.

Orange Kalanchoe

Orange Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe Luciae (Flapjack or Paddle Plant)

This funny-looking succulent has flat balloons, like paddles or flapjacks, for leaves that blush a pretty shade of red when they have the right amount of sunlight.

String of Pearls Succulent

String of Pearls Succulent

String of Pearls

It just takes a single glance to understand how this unusual-looking succulent got its name. The string of pearls succulent has string-like vines that sprout perfectly spherical leaves sporadically. These look lovely in a hanging container, as they cascade over the side.

How to Care for Indoor Succulents

Succulents thrive on neglect, as they rarely need water and don’t need pruning. Pot succulents in a container that will drain easily with low-nutrient soil formulated specially for cacti and succulents. Place succulents in a location where they will receive plenty of sunlight and rotate the pot once a week to promote even growth.

A variety of more than five succulents arranged in a premium ceramic container on bed of river rocks, requiring minimal care each day.

Succulent Garden

When watering, water the soil directly — not the plants. Soak thoroughly and allow water to drain. Never let a succulent sit in standing water. Depending on the weather and your home’s indoor climate, succulents can be watered once a week, but only do so if the dirt feels dry.

If a succulent’s leaves start turning yellow or brown, this is a sign of distress, which usually occurs due to over-watering. Although they’re tolerant of drought, succulents can also suffer due to too little water. If your plant looks worse for the wear, check its soil and contact an expert at Norton’s Florist.

Succulents - Echeveria

Succulents – Echeveria

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