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8 Ways Sustainable Floristry Helps the Environment

Beautiful, fragrant, natural….. flowers are truly amazing. They do not merely offer vibrancy and life to the room, flowers offer health benefits. Flowers actually are 1 of the greatest things we are from Mother Nature, that is the reason it is very essential we do not take up considerably more than she is able to provide. Right here at Norton’s Florist, we take satisfaction in the reality that we do what we are able to practice alternative floristry so individuals are able to still appreciate many rewards flowers take us for numerous decades to come.

Growing Buds

What Is Sustainable Floristry?

Renewable floristry is a commitment by florists to undertake eco-friendly methods to minimize the carbon footprint of getting blooms from their source on the customer. The bulk of flowers purchased in the U.S. are imported from various other places as well as the large crop farming, packaging, and transportation of imported flowers from therefore far actually leaves a big carbon blueprint. You will find techniques to lower the carbon footprint of obtaining flowers to florists, and this what renewable floristry is about.

Flowers in a Greenhouse

Ways in Which Florists Are Being “Green”


Sourcing Slow Flowers

Flowers produced locally and in an eco-friendly fashion are described as “slow flowers.” Sourcing slow flowers is good for the planet and ensure the freshest and healthiest blooms are provided to the florist.

Avoiding Foam

A staple which florists have employed for almost sixty years, floral foam is a one-time use plastic that is not biodegradable. Instead of foam, florists are using organic materials or reusable mechanics instead.

Field of Dahlia Flowers

Other Eco-Friendly Actions Florists Perform


  1. Partner with green farms that practice sustainable growing techniques, reuse water, and reduce waste.
  2. Design with earth-friendly mechanics
  3. Reduce Waste
  4. Composting and Recycling (Vase recycling)
  5. Reduce the use of plastic
  6. Repurpose leftover flowers

Pink Cosmos Flowers

What You Can Do to Help

If all of us begin to have several environmentally friendly practices, then the potential downside with the world will likely be big. A couple of little changes actually add up. Several of the alterations you are able to do would be to shop locally and also support local businesses, whether it is a local florist shop or maybe a farm stand, nearby shops usually create a significantly smaller footprint than much larger companies, and you will be supporting your own local economy.

You are able to additionally recycle your older flowers rather than tossing them out. You will find an assortment of items you are able to do with wilting blooms, like generate potpourri, bath bombs, candles, fragrant soap, or maybe preserver through drying or perhaps pressing them. Plus, the next time you purchase flowers, bring back the vase for them to use, and maybe supply your own personal family heirloom vase.

It is essential to act right now and also be cognizant of the way our disposal, purchases, and actions of the environment is impacted by products. Practicing sustainable floristry and remaining in general much more earth aware goes quite a distance of making sure the splendor we get to enjoy from nature nowadays will remain there for the children of ours as well as the many decades to come.