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Posted by nortonsflorist on August 19, 2018 Flowers Summer

The Most Beautiful White Flowers For Labor Day And Beyond

When September arrives, many of us feel the need to declutter from summer and make way for fall. Norton’s Florist sees Labor Day—which brings with it the season’s last long weekend—as the opportunity to rest, relax and rejuvenate. And in fact, this was its historical purpose. When the first Monday in September was designated as an occasion to celebrate the American worker, part of the idea was that we gave that worker the chance to rest. When you spend time with friends and family on that day, whether you’re hanging at home or heading to the beach, pool or a barbecue, you’re participating in a long-standing tradition that recognizes the need for self-care.

And we’ve got the perfect flowers for it. Our To See You Smile Bouquet is a mix of cheerful, sunny sensibility and a sense of peace and calm, embodied by the white hydrangea and eucalyptus. This is a piece that can work anywhere in the home, but wherever you put it, it will have a refreshing, restorative effect. It’s both the perfect tribute to summer and the perfect transition out of it.

Reward yourself with a much-needed break and feel proud of all you’ve achieved this year so far. Let some soft white flowers help.